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Aim and purpose of the XRSB Röntgensysteme Barwig GmbH

XRSB’s activities covers medical as well as industrial radiography.

Our business objective is to expand the X-ray diagnostics to fields of application yet unused.

In the field of health care, we support X-ray manufacturers as well as hospitals, institutes and research facilities.

A patient dose as low as reasonably achievable has for many years been accepted as the main quality factor along with the image quality (diagnostic reliability) of X-ray examinations.

As an OEM partner, XRSB provides X-ray system manufactures in the NDT market with innovative X-ray products and developments.

The XRSB Structure

XRSB operates in collaboration with committed companies and engineering firms, in close cooperation with universities and with its own permanent staff.

This ensures the flexibility as to know-how and amount of work required by changing demands.

Founder and executive director of the XRSB ist Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Barwig.

The business portfolio of the XRSB Röntgensysteme Barwig GmbH covers:

  • X-ray systems/X-ray components
  • Digital imaging and image processing
  • X-ray generators for medical and industrial radiography
  • Related services


Postal address:

XRSB Röntgensysteme Barwig GmbH
Wilhelm-Maisel-Strasse 20
90530 Wendelstein


+49 9129 28 92 93


+49 9129 28 92 95